Thursday 25 January 2024

Witchy Shopping: Heart Candles at Aldi for Love Spells

Jane Mortimer spotted these heart-shaped tealights due to go on sale at Aldi. She wrote:

"I just had to send you the attached photo of something that appeared in this week's Aldi Specialbuys booklet. They're pink or red heart-shaped tea lights, perfect for spells related to love, friendship, harmony and healing, and they go on sale on Sunday 28th January. They're £1.49 per set, and there are 9 in the photo, though it doesn't say how many there are in a set. However, at that price they'd be perfect for witches to snap up for their usefulness in magic.  There's room on top of them to scratch a name or intention with a pin."

I saw similar ones in Tiger a few years ago and agree they are great for love magic. Below are links to some spell suggestions:

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