Thursday 15 February 2024

A Book for Lupercalia: Wolf: Untamed, Courageous

For Lupercalia, the Roman festival of wolves on February 15th, here's a look at a book about wolves, their magic and mythology: Wolf: Untamed, Courageous, Empowered by Rachel S Roberts. It's described as an inspirational guide to embodying your inner wolf. It's due to reach shops in August, but can already be pre-ordered and I had a chance to read it early. This is the endorsement I wrotre about it:

Wolf, by Rachel Roberts, is a book for anyone who wants to learn about the lives, myths, legends, and stories of these enigmatic and inspiring creatures, then use that knowledge for personal development and spiritual empowerment. She offers an in-depth look at how wolves behave in their natural habitat, how humans have interacted with them over millennia, how they have been woven into mythology, and how they have come to symbolise things we fear but also our own wild nature. Wolves in packs demonstrate the importance of teamwork and close family bonds, while the concept of the lone wolf represents the importance of following one’s own path and gaining self-knowledge. Rachel Roberts offers practical ways we can use those archetypes both psychologically and magically, using such things as journalling, visualisation, affirmations, and invocations.

Wolf: Untamed, Courageous, Empowered is published by Moon Books

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rachel said...

Thank you so much for your review!! :D and thank you for sharing my book - with a loving howl, Rachel xx