Friday 16 February 2024

Book News: My Novel - Erosion - Is At The Printers!

My publisher has just let me know that my first novel, Erosion, has been sent to the printers. Copies will soon be sent to distributors' warehouses to make sure they reach shops before the publication date.  It is already available to pre-order.

Erosion is a contemporary gothic novel filled with magical weirdness, set in a run-down English seaside town in the year of the Great Storm. The subtitle is: 'Of Friendship, Dreams and the Edge of a Cliff'. Here's a little more detail from the synopsis:

"'It all began when we found the bones…' This is the start of Erosion, a gothic novel set on the English coast, in 1987, the year of the Great Storm. Violent weather is but one of the problems a group of friends face when they discover an ancient grave inside a crumbling cliff and decide to unearth a skull. Supernatural mystery intertwines with the problems of human relationships, of earning money, of following dreams." 

I'm very grateful to Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London series, for writing the endorsement that appears at the top of my novel: 

"An elegiac tale of memory, growth and regret set along the crumbling coast of 1980s Kent." 

The painting on the cover is by Su Jolly, a Kent artist who specialises in beach lansdscape pictures. I feel the image very much reflects the fiction.

At the same time as being informed about the paperback being printed, I was told: "Your ebook for  "Erosion" is now ready!" That's very exciting, as it means I can send ebooks out to reviewers. If you write about books for a magazine, newspaper, pagan website or site dedicated to reviewing fiction, and you want to have a look at a copy of my novel before the official release date, please let me know.

My publisher is Moon Books, an imprint of Collective Ink. You can find Erosion on it's website via this link:

Erosion can be also be viewed on Amazon. (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links. This helps support my blog at no extra cost to those who read my posts.)

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