Tuesday 27 February 2024

Rounding the Year: Camelia & Forsythia Blossom

The sight of forsythia blossom in my front garden fills me with joy every spring. It reminds me of my mum, who planted it there many years ago. It also shows me that things don't always turn out as badly as I fear they might. Back in 2016 I was told the forsythia would have to be removed so a crack in my garden wall could be fixed. I blogged about how sad I was about that, and you can read that post here

In the end, the wall got mended and the forsythia was spared. The bricks are starting to crack again, but I think I can live with a crack in the garden wall if the alternative is losing my lovely hedge that blossoms so cheerfully.

Camelias are also starting to bloom in my garden - early this year. They bring back memories of my mum too, as we planted that bush together. I always remember my mum when I see the forsythia and camelias in bloom, more than I do on Mothering Sunday, which is generally a few weeks later. 

English Mother's Day is on Sunday, 10 March in the UK this year, and has a different origin from American Mother's Day. We call it Mothering Sunday, and it takes place three weeks before Easter Sunday as part of traditional Lent customs.

You can see photos of my forsythia and camelia on this post. 

Join me for an online talk on spring folklore tonight

I'm giving an online talk called The Magic and Folklore of Springtime this evening, Tuesday 27 February, via the College of Psychic Studies. It starts at 7pm, with a recording available later. Tickets are £16/£14.  You can find out more details and book tickets here: https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/talks/myth-magic/the-magic-and-folklore-of-springtime/

Share your seasonal photos!

I recently started prompts to share seasonal pictures, art, crafts, words and other creativity. I'll continue this over the months ahead. I'd love to encourage readers to record what's happening in nature in various ways including photographs, journalling, drawing or painting and crafting.

Here are ways to share the things you're doing or what you see out and about as the wheel turns:

  • Leave a comment on this post about what you're up to
  • Find my prompts to share on my Facebook Page: Lucya Starza Pagan Portals Author
  • Share on Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) with the tag #RoundingtheYear

My book offers more ways to acknowledge the Wheel of the Year and celebrate the seasons in ritual, magic, folklore and nature. You can find it at estoeric bookshops and via my publisher Moon Books: https://www.collectiveinkbooks.com/moon-books/our-books/pagan-portals-rounding-wheel-year

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