Friday 8 March 2024

Women's Day Tarot: Bessie Coleman - Ace of Swords

I drew a card as a reading for the world for International Women's Day using Our Tarot, and revealed Bessie Coleman as the Ace of Swords. Bessie was the first Black American woman and Native American woman to learn to fly. This was during the 1920s, and she was constantly told she would never fulfil her dream. However, she was determined. Enlisting the help of a newspaper, she raised sponsorship to travel to France where she learned to fly, and then went on to become a top stunt pilot. 

The message of this card is to find clarity and purpose in your life, and make plans to achieve your goals. It's about intellect, showing the importance of thinking before acting. What would you like to achieve that seems impossible? You might find opportunities if you do research to find them,  then form a clear plan to get what you want.

All the cards in Our Tarot: A Guidebook and Deck Featuring Notable Women in History depict real women rather than goddesses or figures from mythology. The book that comes with the set includes pages of information about them and their importance in the world. 

Our Tarot is by Sarah Shipman and is published by Harper Design.

You can view the deck on Amazon. (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links. This helps support my blog at no extra cost to those who read my posts.)

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