Friday 9 February 2024

A Dragon and Divination for the Lunar New Year

As we enter the Year of the Dragon, I've done a little divination using cards inspired by a Chinese system of understanding changing fortunes. I wanted dragon energy too, so I sat in front of the soft toy which sometimes sits in the southern quarter of my circle to represents the element of fire. I suspect my dragon is more Welsh than Asian, so I hope I haven't caused any offense with a tiny bit of cultural fusion. Apologies if I have. 

Success Cards is the name of the oracle set I used. I found it in a charity shop some years ago. The wisdom revealed was True Nourishment, card 18. The guidebook offers a sentence for contemplation:
"Eat the sweet and the sour, the good and the bad, awareness and non-awareness. Enjoy both and you will be nourished."
It then tells a story about two men. One had two plates onto which were separated bitter food from sweet food. The other man had both kinds of food mixed on one plate. The man eating pickily and constantly comparing the food on his two plates became ill, while the man eating the mixed food thrived. At death's door, the man with two plates asked the other the secret of his good health. The man with one plate replied that he hadn't been ensnared by constantly comparing flavours, but regarded all food as nourishment. At that the dying man broke his second plate, and with just one plate left ate all the food his friends offered him. He soon recovered.

The message of the story is that if you try to divide yourself and the world around you into good and bad, you will become divided internally. Instead, start looking for unity.

That seems an apt reading for the world today.


Anonymous said...

Polarity is so important! It's the concept of yin and yang. If we didn't have any bad then good would never be seen as good, it wouldn't have any comparison at all.

Badwitch said...

I think the point being made is that too much labelling of some things as good and some things as bad or evil leads to division and conflict, including internal conflict. There is so much conflict in the world today, and a little less division could be good for the health of many. That's what I read from drawing this particular card at this time.