Thursday 11 April 2024

Pagan Eye: Nature's Confetti at London's Now Building

Nature's Confetti is a beautiful animation of falling cherry tree blossom, and you can see it for free at the Now Building, behind Tottenham Court Road Underground station. I took the photo last weekend after teaching a practical magic class at Treadwell's and then doing a book signing. I felt I wanted to sit somewhere beautiful and chill out. This was perfect.

The Now Building is a huge public atrium with LED screens on the walls, ceiling and everywhere except the floor. It shows a daily schedule of entertainment - usually short films, photography and animations. You can go in for free without booking. I love the friendly and peaceful atmosphere there as well as the gorgeous artistic creations. You can sit or stand, but many people lie on the floor, relax and enjoy the spectacle. The building's opening times are usually from 8am to 11.30 pm. You can find out what's showing here:

I often blog about Green London - the parks, woods, and other places you can find nature in the city. These are wonderful to stay and rest when the weather's good, but if it's raining and you're in Central London, you can also find some wonderful indoor spots full of beauty and art to sit in for free. The Now Building is one of the best.

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