Monday 7 January 2008

Demonic possession

Tomorrow night Treadwell's is hosting a lecture on satanism, sadism and sex with the devil in Elizabethan England.

Professor Philip Almond of the University of Queensland, author of a new book
The Witches of Warboys, will be talking about Early Modern belief in devils and demonic possession.

Although there were fewer witch hunts in England than in the rest of Europe, fear of witches and demons still led to some horrific cases of persecution. Professor Almond will talk about people's beliefs at that time and how they treated supposed victims of possession.

Philip Almond is Professor Emeritus of Religion in the University of Queensland and is respected for his work on the history of religion.

The talk, entitled The Theatre of Demonic Possession in Early Modern England, is at Treadwell's 34 Tavistock St, Covent Garden, London, on Tuesday 8 January. It starts at 7.15pm. Tickets cost £5.

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Anonymous said...

for the past three to four nights,ive been experiencing the most amazing dreams.the first being that i was god,although im female,i could walk upto people and see through their burning eyes that they were infact demons.but i wasnt scared at all,infact i enjoyed the flying,which i felt above hills and at night.i felt power and it felt so good.then the next night i had a similar dream,except this was of a sexual nature,where by a demon again made me feel wonderful.i really cant explain in words how good it felt but he wanted and tried to seduce me and i started to give in.
the third night,was last night and today.ive been so tired and falling asleep very easily.he came again,enticing me and i was looking forward to seeing him.i asked his name and he teased me with it,it began with an a,and it was short,it may have had a d in it too.i know how this sounds,but i wanted to know what others think,as its not easy finding answers on the net about possesion that you enjoy,if indeed this is it.

thanks L

Badwitch said...

Hello L. If you are having dreams that are troubling you, I would recommend chatting to a counsellor. Talk to your GP in the first instance, who might be able to recommend a counsellor.

LILIAN said...

hi,the dreams arent troubling me,infact i enjoy them...? and i dont think i need a councellor,im feeling quite open to the feelings i feel in a state of sleep and paralasis

Badwitch said...

You might want to read up on sleep paralyis then -