Tuesday 1 January 2008

New Year's Day

It's a grim, grey day for the start of 2008 - not what I was hoping for at all. I wanted it to be crisp and clear and to go for a lovely walk. Instead I'm huddled indoors trying to get the energy to deal with the clutter and mess left over after the festive season.

Witches are supposed to be able to offer good advice in all circumstances, but I'm a bad witch and I don't have much advice to offer others in the same situation.

However, I can pass on two very handy tips other people have told me:

To get bubblegum or chewing gum out of clothing (or the carpet or sofa) rub butter into it. It makes the gum soft and pliable and much easier to just wash out, no matter how hard it had set.

To get red wine out of the carpet, sprinkle salt all over it and then hoover it up. Alternatively, pour white wine over the red wine stain.

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