Thursday 3 January 2008

On course

I've signed up for an evening class at my local adult education centre - not in a subject that is exciting, just something that will be useful for my work.

However, when I looked through the programme of courses available I was surprised to find that many of them would be very useful for a witch. At prices starting from £15 for a one-day Saturday course up to about £70 for 10 weeks, I could study life coaching, botany, counselling, massage, reflexology or yoga.

Looking at London as a whole, I found 71 courses in meditation, 47 courses in Reiki, quite a few courses in tarot reading, one course in astrology and two courses in folklore. A Saturday course entitled The Green Man in Literature and Folklore, being run by City Lit in March, looks particularly interesting and I may just sign up for it.

Visit the Floodlight website to find courses all over London on:

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