Sunday 31 August 2008

The apple harvest

The apples had been ripe and red on my tree for more than a week, but I was unable to pick them. It was rather frustrating. The problem was, my tree has grown so large that I could only reach the ones hanging from the very bottom branches and I don't have a ladder.

I could collect the ones that fell to the ground, but they tend to be bruised and don't last long.

My answer, just as it was last year, was freecycle, the web community that encourages people to give and receive things they no longer want, for free. I offered baskets of my apples to anyone who had a long ladder to help pick them, and got a reply from a lovely family. They had recently moved to London from the country, and missed having fresh fruit in their garden.

The couple and their little girl came around yesterday, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was sunny and hot - a glorious day for a harvest.

Today, by contrast, is grey and wet, and I have just heard the distant rumble of thunder. It might only be the last day of August, but we are truly into autumn. At least I have my apples picked and inside the house in the dry rather than rotting on the wet grass.


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