Saturday 20 December 2008

My garden cat

The cat I saw sleeping at the end of my garden earlier this month has definitely made it her home.

She sleeps in a pile of leaves most nights and I've been putting food out for her. Although she eats, it she runs off when I approach and doesn't come back until I have walked away. The fact that she is so timid around humans makes me think she might have been mistreated by her former owners.

She isn't shy around animals. I saw her having a fight with one of my existing cats a couple of days ago and she definitely stood her ground.

I am calling her Luna, because of a comment left on my blog that she has a face like a moon - and I agree that she does. However, I'm not yet quite sure what sex the cat is, so if "she" turns out to be "he" I guess I'll have to think of another name.

Any suggestions?



Anonymous said...

Your home certainly attracts some active wildlife!

If you discover the cat is male, you may be able to keep a moon-inspired name. In Sumerian mythology, the moon god was named Sin or Nanna. Wouldn't it be funny to call the cat Sin?!

Some even say that the name Allah in Islam actually originated with a pagan Arabic moon god. Unfortunately, calling your cat by this name might cause trouble in some quarters!

Badwitch said...

Sin is an excellent name for a cat - thanks for the suggestion.