Thursday 4 June 2009

Guan-Yin - Goddess of the Week

Thanks to a suggestion by The Greenwich Phantom, this week's Goddess of the Week is Guan-Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Caring and one of the Four Supreme Bodhisatvas of Chinese Buddhism.

According to the website Guan-Yin's remit is victim support. It says:

"She supports the distressed and hungry, rescues the unfortunate from peril, and gives comfort and aid wherever it is needed. Guan-Yin's work would put many a charity to shame — and she doesn't ask for donations. She had finally attained enlightenment after much non-struggling with non-things. She was just about to enter Heaven to join the other Buddhas when she heard the cries of the poor unsaved souls back on Earth. Her heart touched by pity, she vowed never to rest until every single soul was brought to Buddhahood."
The picture shows a Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy necklace that I saw on Amazon, priced at £25.40.

Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy Necklace

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