Friday 5 June 2009

Strong Sun Moon

There is a full moon this weekend - on June 7 at 7.12pm London time to be precise, according to the online Pagan calendar. And while that calender says the medieval name for it is Dyad Moon, another name for the full moon closest to to the Summer Solstice is Strong Sun Moon.

That name does seem rather self-explanatory, and it is a powerful time magically, especially for handfastings, weddings and matters of the home, family and heart.

I certainly will be spending the full moon at home. I am still caring for my mum, who broke her wrist. I was invited to an Esbat with some lovely friends, but I had to say I can't go.

What I'll be doing instead - if it is a fine night - is spending some time sitting in my garden under the full moon, sharing with her my cares and woes; hopes and dreams. The moon is a good listener, she's been doing it for millennia. And for those who are open to such things, she can offer quiet words of wisdom - because she has seen everything before and knows our hearts sometimes better than we do ourselves.


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