Tuesday 23 June 2009

Pagan plans for Recycling Week

This week is recycling week. From June 22 to June 28, people are being asked to pledge to make a specific plan to do more recycling.

Now, pagans are already among the most active recyclers - it just goes with being part of a nature religion - but it can't hurt to make that extra bit of effort.

Earlier this month, I said I was going to take a bag to my local park to clear up rubbish other people had left behind and take it to the recycling bins. I admit I haven't actually gone back to the park to do that yet, but I'm certainly going to pledge that I will, and soon.

And as it was my birthday not that long ago, I'm going to add some summertime cards to my home-made fortune telling deck, which I started with recycled Yule cards some time ago. It could do with some flowers and fairies from birthday cards to add to the robins and snow scenes!

If you know of any pagan groups that are organising any recycling events or have an idea for a pagan-themed recycled craft project, do leave a comment.


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