Tuesday 8 December 2009

A lot of bottle...

Most of us pagans are pretty good about recycling our glass bottles, but I suspect a group of Buddhist monks in Thailand have beaten us in their enthusiasm for making use of the empties - they have built a temple almost entirely out of old beer bottles!

Called The Temple of a Million Bottles, it was made by the monks because they were tired of seeing litter around the site, at Khun Han, near the Cambodian border.

One of the monks started the project in 1984 by using discarded glass to make decorations. Local people were asked to bring in empties for the project and they responded so enthusiastically that the monks eventually had enough bottles to not only build a temple but also an entire complex of 20 rooms including prayer spaces, a crematorium, a water tower and toilets.

The temple is now a popular tourist destination, proving that recycling really can be worthwhile. You can find out more about the temple at http://www.visit-chiang-mai-online.com/beer-bottle-temple.html

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