Thursday 10 December 2009

Mercury: God of the Week

December 11 is Agonalia, the Roman festival of business endeavours. Agonius is an epithet given to several gods including Apollo, Zeus and Hermes.

Hermes, god of communication and master of the dodgy deal, is certainly a business deity. But, because Hermes has already been The Bad Witch's God of the Week, I thought I'd write about his Roman incarnation - Mercury.

According to the website Mercury is: "Messenger God of Commerce and the Roman revamp of Hermes. Has own planet, metal industry and name leasing business."

The term mercurial also means changeable and volatile - a term that comes from astrology and describes the likely behavior of someone under the influence of the planet Mercury.

So, if you are starting a new business, about to make a deal when good communication is vital or just want a change in your work or life, tomorrow could be a good day to ask Mercury for a little help.

The picture above shows a photographic print of the Pool of Mercury in the gardens of the Real Alcazar from Robert Harding available from Amazon

Photographic Print of Pool of Mercury in the gardens of the Real Alcazar from Robert Harding


Anonymous said...

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Badwitch said...

Lots of sympathy over your stolen phone. I'm afraid I don't give out my phone number on my blog, but I do hope you get your phone back. Phone your service provider - they might be able to help you by blocking the stolen handset and give info on recovering lost data.

Anonymous said...

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