Thursday 11 February 2010

Calls to mark anniversary of Pendle witch trials

The year 2012 is set to be a busy one. As well as being when London hosts the Olympics, and possibly the year the world ends, it is the 400th anniversary of the execution of the Pendle witches.

Adrian Lord, who runs the Pendle Witch Camp festival, has offered to help organise a year-long celebration to mark the anniversary. Tourist offices in the area are already looking at ways to profit from - sorry that should read "make the most of" - the occasion.

Councillor Allan Buck, who is in charge of tourism in the Borough of Pendle, said plans are already under way to commemorate the trials.

He said: “Tourism officers from Pendle, the Ribble Valley and Lancaster are getting together with Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board to look at ways of commemorating the trial and execution of the witches from 400 years ago."

Buck added that it is "a one-off chance". Somehow, I suspect that really won't be the last time tourist organisations seek to resurrect the tale of the Pendle Witches. Unless, of course, the world ends...

You can read the full story in the Lancashire Telegraph


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