Thursday 11 February 2010

The Year of the Tiger

On February 14, we enter the Year of the Tiger. It is Chinese New Year - as well as being Valentine's Day.

The Chinese use a lunar calendar, which is why their New Year falls on a slightly different day each year.

Every year is named after one of 12 astrological animals, and this year the tiger takes charge.

Tigers are fierce, proud and bold. They can be rash and quick to anger, but they are also great protectors of their home and family, loving and compassionate. For this reason the Chinese see them as guardians of the household against thieves, disasters and even ghosts.

People born under the sign of the tiger can be charismatic and courageous leaders. In a career, they want to rise to the top job and might take risks in order to get there. However, they can also be rebels, championing a cause and pitting themselves against authority. They love to live dangerously, but they also want to win.

In England, you can celebrate Chinese New Year on February 14 at public events in Newcastle Gateshead, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton and Birmingham.

London is holding a huge Chinese New Year festival, parade and firework display a week later, on February 21. The main events will be held in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Chinatown, starting at noon.

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Unknown said...

I bet they'll be celebrating in Kenya :-).

Unknown said...

The tiger = the most remarkable of all cats!