Wednesday 10 February 2010

Who ate all the pies?

Back at the time of the Domesday Book it seems pagans made the best pies. They were so good that the monks of Gloucester could not resist them, which is perhaps one of the origins of the stereotyped picture of a fat friar.

The local ruler at the time, Egbert of Wessex, was so outraged at the thought of pagans selling so-called Pilgrim's Pies to members of the clergy that he outlawed the selling of pies in the Cathedral.

Now, according to a news story on This Is Gloucestershire, that crusty old law could be used to give the modern-day cathedral staff a roasting.

Gloucestershire Cathedral is running a competition among local cooks to come up with a tasty recipe for Pilgrim's Pie to sell in its cafe. Pagans and non-pagans are allowed to apply.

However, cathedral steward Mark Beckett said he is not too worried about the ancient law because the cathedral cafe already sells other kinds of pies and has not been prosecuted. He said: “We will bear the proclamation in mind and try to avoid the wrath of the powers that be."

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Badwitch said...

I've just re-read that story and I do wish I had got the phrases "tempting monks with their tasty tarts" and "I wonder if they offered crumpets on the side?" into it.