Monday 29 March 2010

Full moon and March hares

There is a full moon tomorrow, March 30, at 3.25am London time.

According to the online pagan calendar, the medieval name for this is Chaste Moon, the Celtic name is Moon of Winds and the neopagan name is the rather gothy sounding Death Moon.

But as this is the full moon between the Spring Equinox and Easter, many pagans will be using the energy of the moon for Eostre celebrations, honouring Ostara, Goddess of Fertility, and maybe also the magical March Hare.

So, rather than posting a picture of the moon, I've chosen this photo of Daisy the moon-gazing bronze hare sculpture from Harriet Glen.It is available through Amazon.



Jenny said...

The moon hare is one of my favorite pagan animals - I use her in my work frequently! Here's a necklace I made for myself: While I may not have a fox living in the back garden, I often have rabbits in residence under my front bay window...

Badwitch said...

Jennny - what a lovely necklace!

Jan said...

What a lovely reminder. Last year, I was priviledged to be invited to watch the release of two young hares back into the wild. This took place at summer solstice, but thanks for the timely reminder to think of them again.