Thursday 11 March 2010

Springtime haiku

I was asked to write a poem to recite at a spring ritual. Not being very good at learning lots of lines, I decided to write a haiku - a short poem with 17 syllables. Here it is:

Under a stormy sky
clouds scud and trees sway.
The yellow crocus blooms.

Haiku are often written about the seasons, so it was quite apt. Some time ago I wrote a poem about the seasons that was similar to a series of haiku - hopefully this one has the correct number of syllables.

I took the photograph of crocuses at Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, while I was writing the poem. I often find a visit to Bunhill Fields inspires me when I need to be creative as it is such a lovely city park - the resting place of many of London's ancient and prestigious dead as well as a haven for wildlife and flowers.

I know the picture quality is rubbish - I only had my phone with me to use as a camera.



Cassandra said...

It looks like the crocuses are made of paper.

Badwitch said...

They were real crocuses :)