Thursday 27 May 2010

Hekate - Goddess of the Week

Today witches around the world will be honouring the Goddess Hekate - and so I have chosen Hekate as The Bad Witch's Goddess of the Week.

Hekate - sometimes known as Hecate - is the goddess of hidden wisdom, change and darkness, and is also called the Goddess of Witches.

Her power is associated with the phases of the moon and on the night of the full moon, May 27, people are being invited to light a fire to Hekate and to perform The Rite of Her Sacred Fires - a ritual that can be downloaded at the website

The event is being organised by Sorita d’Este, creator of the ritual and editor of a book called Hekate: Her Sacred Fires,which is also being launched today.

As the full moon is a particularly powerful time to cast spells for success in new projects, Sorita could be considered a very clever witch to be inviting people to do a ritual for Hekate on that night. I am sure her book will sell well.

The book is a collection on essays and illustrations from 50 international contributors. In its publicity material, publisher Avalonia says:

"Hekate is a Goddess of great antiquity. She is primordial, powerful and sometimes animalistic – and yet, she is also sophisticated, modern and capable of adapting to different cultures. She is the Torchbearer, the Cosmic World Soul, the Guide and Companion. She is Mistress of the Restless Dead, who rules over the Heavens Earth and Sea. She is the Keybearer and so much more. Her devotees today, as throughout the ages, include philosophers, poets, sorcerers, theurgists, witches, root-cutters, enchantresses and ordinary people."

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slothgoth said...

That's a beautiful, simple, ritual. I think even I could manage that one! Thanks for the linking :)