Wednesday 26 May 2010

Hare Moon: May's full moon

There is a full moon tonight and according to the online Pagan Calendar, the medieval name for this is Hare Moon - although I have also heard it called Hare's Moon.

I seem to have written a lot about hares on my blog, so what could be finer than celebrating the Hare's Moon!

Last week I reviewed the beautiful Moon Hare Oracle, in March at the time of the full moon I posted a picture of Daisy the Moon Gazing Hare bronze statue and last year I saw several hares while out on country walks and wrote about Magical Mad March Hares.

I am not quite sure why a full moon at the end of May should be called Hare Moon, rather than the March full moon, as March is a month more often associated with hares. If you know the reason, do let me know.

To illustrate this post I have used a picture called Moon Hares Dancing.This lovely canvas art pictureis available from Amazon.

The full moon is at 11.07pm on May 27 Universal Time, which is just past midnight - 00.07am on May 28 - in London by British Summer Time according to the online pagan calendar.

Moon Hares Dancing Print, Canvas Art Picture Hare 42 x 60cm


City Wiccan said...

Happy Harey Moon! :)

Ice Giant said...

Oh yes, there is a Hare Moon celebration in one of the episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Some pagan witches turn up which causes a bit of a kerfuffle.