Wednesday 5 May 2010

Pagan Eye: Dandelions II

Dandelions are flowers with two very different faces. First they have their bright yellow flowers with petals like the radiant sun. Seeing their cheery blooms makes me feel warm and happy.

Then, in the evening, they close up, hide away and transform. When they open up again, they re-emerge as a dandelion clock - a shining white sphere that reminds me of the moon. They are so much the opposite of the tough little dandelion flower - they are translucent and fragile. If you blow on one, the fluffy white seeds scatter to the wind. That is the time to whisper your dreams and make a wish. You never know, it might come true...

Actually, my wish over the past few days has been to photograph a dandelion clock for a Pagan Eye post on my blog, but I quickly discovered they aren't easy to get good pictures of.

The main problem is they are too fluffy and without any specific edge to focus on. If you focus on the front, the back is too soft, if you focus on the back, the front is too soft and if you try to focus in the middle, it's all too soft. And the fact that dandelion clocks are white means it is hard to get the exposure right.

OK, I'm not the most experienced photographer and I expect those who are can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I took dozens of pictures and the one above is the best so far. Even that's been sharpened up and colour boosted with Photoshop.

Still, I quite like it, especially the way the seeds that are starting to break away from the clock stand out against the blue flowers in the background. They look a bit like little stars.

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