Saturday 29 May 2010

“Witch Way Now” for Pendle Pub Walk

Organisers of the annual Pendle Pub Walk have named the winner of a competition they’ve been running to name a locally produced beer.

The Moorhouses ale - made to help raise money to support the charities the walk supports – has been named “Witch Way Now”.

The name was chosen by Bernie Mearns of Warton (pictured) and will be featured on pump clips in pubs along the route of the walk. It is highly appropriate, recalling the famous historic witch trials of the region.

David Grant, managing director of Moorhouses Brewery, said: “We think the name will go down well with walkers and patrons of pubs on the Pendle Pub Walk route. It’s a great play on words as it refers to our local heritage. We expect walkers will ask for 'Witch Way Now' as they enter the pubs and utter it again as they set off on their way – feeling a little more refreshed!”

Simon Tattersall one of the organisers of the walk, said: “It’s a great name that works on several levels – and I’ve no doubt that it will be a great ale too. I’ll certainly be partaking of a couple of pints as I walk the Pendle Pub Walk route.”

People interested in either participating in the walk or sponsoring walkers should visit the website set up especially for the walk - – as you need to register. Organisers say that everyone is welcome on the walk, and are urging people to register now while places are still available.

The circular walk – scheduled to start from 11am on Sunday 6 June – is organised by Rotarians from Burnley Pendleside Club. The charitable event will this year raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity and the children's hospice Derian House.

Last year's event was the first annual Pendle Pub Walk, with around 50 walkers raising over £1,500 for Rotary charities, including Pendleside Hospice and The Air Ambulance.


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