Saturday 10 July 2010

Free Event: Solar Eclipse Ritual

London pagan group Tamesa is running a free Solar Eclipse Ritual this Sunday, 11 July, from 4pm-7pm by the Millennium Bridge in Central London.

The new moon and solar eclipse takes place later that evening. When that happens, the Sun, Moon and Earth line up perfectly in a line, so magical working of those energies becomes potent.

Organiser Mani of Tamesa said: "The energies of the Sun literally pass through the Moon to then reach Earth! Some say it's a time when a cosmic gateway becomes accessible. Others say Eclipse is when Dragon magic works best! So we will be working with the Tamesa-serpent by the river Thames few hours before the Eclipse, priming ourselves to make the most of those Solar-Lunar energies."

He added: "We are re-launching Tamesa London Circle's socials and rituals with this Stellar event. Come to the Millennium Bridge (between Tate Modern and St Pauls Cathedral) and meet us around 4pm (at the small green by the Tate Modern). There will be an informal social first to get to know everyone (please bring food/wine to share). Then the Eclipse ritual will commence on the river banks by 6pm (not quite Twilight, but near enough! That's when Thames tides becomes low!)."

The actual eclipse will not be visible in the UK, but takes place at 8.40pm BST. The Thames low tide is 9.03pm BST.

For more information, contact Mani or April on 077689-41373 or visit the website .


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