Wednesday 21 July 2010

News: Occultist plans to annoy Pope

Self-styled Witch King Magnus Lynius Shadee aims to open two occult centres in the Midlands before the Pope's visit to the UK this autumn, according to a report by the Sunday Mercury.

Shadee, who also considered standing for Parliament in the General Election, said he wants to open two occult centres - one in Coventry and one in Birmingham. Pope Benedict XVI is set to visit those two locations on September 19 during a planned four-day tour of the UK.

According to the newspaper's website: Shadee, aged 65, said: “I’ve always intended to open an occult centre in the cities and the Pope’s visit simply brought forward the date. The Vatican will probably be none too happy with the idea though."

There has been quite a bit of opposition to the Pope's visit to the UK - mainly because it is estimated it will cost £12 million. Although the Roman Catholic Church is raising more than £7 million of that money, some of it will be paid by UK taxpayers. Plenty of people, myself included, feel that the taxpayers' money could go to better uses.

However, I'm not sure Shadee's plan to open a pair of occult centres is going to make any difference to the Pope's visit, or the amount it will cost taxpayers. Shadee's probably doing it because he loves a bit of attention in the press, in my opinion.

I also don't know if there is any shortage of shops selling occult books or places to hold rituals or talks on occult subjects in Coventry or Birmingham.

If anyone reading my blog knows the area, do leave a message about what magickal facilities it already has and what you think of Shadee's plans.


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Anonymous said...

There was one attempt a while back to open a "new age" shop in the Ball Hill area of Coventry a while back - I'll not dignify it with any better description since any shop that sells bongs and pick 'n' mix as part of their stock falls low in my estimation. It lasted about a year or so and now is something else.

There's a nice stall at the indoor market that sells incense, crystals and what-not but apart from a healing centre over in Foleshill (I've not visited so I don't know what kind of healing they offer) I'm not aware of any significant occult presence in Coventry and certainly nowhere that advertises itself as available for rituals or talks.

I'll be interested to see how this pans out - I suspect it's more talk and less action, personally.