Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back to Magic School: Druidry & Shamanism

Spirit of Druidry

An evening study group, called Spirit of Druidry, is starting this autumn in Kent for those wanting to explore the British shamanic practice of modern pagan druidry.

The course consists of six evening workshops exploring modern pagan druidry. This is a study group for anyone interested in exploring an earth-ancestor based, British tradition of shamanic practice.

It is suitable for those already following druid or other pagan traditions as well as complete beginners. Each of the workshops will be themed around the elements. You can do all six workshops or one or two. However, in its entirety it leads to a grounded introduction to the practice of shamanic druidry.

The first workshop is on Monday 25 October. Then on Friday 3 December, Friday 4 February 2011, Friday 1 April, Friday 3 June and Friday 5 August. Each session will run from 8pm - 11pm and costs £10 per workshop.

The main venue is Addington Village Hall, Addington, Kent. For more details, email Rob at For more information about Rob's work and courses visit &

Adventures in Shamanism

An intensive, six-week, Monday evening course called Adventures in Shamanism 1: Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is starting in London this autumn.

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the world and work of the shaman. Participants will explore the history and traditions of shamanism; discover where and why shamans go when they ‘journey’; learn how to journey and meet spirit helpers and power animals and how to work with the spirits of nature and with power, to heal and renew.

The course aims to help people experience a greater connectedness to themselves and to the world around. The adventure can be a transforming and life-changing experience. This course is open to anyone who would like to experience shamanism for themselves, including those already experienced who would like to renew their practice.

Adventures in Shamanism takes place at The Open Centre, 188 Old St, London EC1V 9FR on Monday evenings from 6.45pm – 9.30pm. The course runs from 11 October – 15 November and costs £160. Concessions are available on request.

All the courses are facilitated by Zoë Brân PhD. For further details of all events or to book, call 07847 894453, or email For general information about shamanism, visit

The photo above shows an oak tree in my local park

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Anonymous said...

all these workshops sound wonderful! I so wish there were more of this kind of thing here in the U.S. It's coming along but slowly, especially in my area. But this is inspiring!