Friday 13 August 2010

Nemoralia - Festival of Diana

In ancient Rome, 13 August was the start of the festival of Nemoralia - or the Festival of Torches. It took place over over three days in honor of Diana, goddess of the women, children, animals, hunting and the moon.

Nemoralia was a time of rest and celebration, especially for women. They would bathe, wash their hair and then take part in a torchlit procession around the shores of a lake sacred to Diana, called Lake Nemi, under the moon at night.

People would make offerings to Diana, including fruit or small statues of animals. They would also ask for her blessing by tying ribbons to trees in the groves by the lake. Sometimes they would write specific requests, spells or prayers on the ribbons.

Afterwards there would be dancing and singing.

These days, Diana is a goddess much revered by witches as she is a symbol of feminine strength. Although hunting for sport may no longer be politically correct, the concept of Diana the Huntress can be applied to things such as pursuing a goal or tracking down an object of desire.

Personally, I see her as being a goddess of photographers, as there is as much skill needed in getting a great shot of an animal with a camera as there is in shooting one with a bow and arrow.

If you want to offer a prayer to Diana today, here are some suitable words
Prayer to Diana, Goddess of the Moon

Oh beautiful Lady of the Moon
Diana, virgin huntress
Protector of the innocent
I call upon you and ask you
to give me your blessings
and grant me my wish.
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