Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Bad Witch's Blog gets new pages!

You might have noticed that my blog has a new feature - pages.

At the top of each page (well, more precisely underneath the heading and some other links) there are now some tabs that say "home", "events", "books", "links" and "spellbook".

These, as you might suspect, take you to appropriate pages on my blog.

Home takes you to the front page of A Bad Witch's Blog; events is a list of pagan events over the next few months, the books page is an alphabetical list of links to books I have reviewed or otherwise written about on my blog since I began writing it; the links page has links to other websites of pagan interest; and the spellbook page has links to spells, seasonal rituals, guided visualisations and other magical work.

I'm going to add more pages some time in the future - including some more details about myself and my blog.

Another handy new feature on my blog is another button at the bottom of the page saying "older posts", so you can easily page back to see what I have written in the past without having to use the archive (although you can still browse the archive if you want to).

I must say I am very pleased with these added functions, but if you find anything doesn't work properly or have any other comments, do let me know.

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Sobeit said...

I have discovered your wonderful blog a couple of days ago while cybersurfing through blog sites... This is a real treasure for me. I love the 'new pages' links, in particular the one on books. Being a total book-a-holic I have just spent more than half hour there browsing. I have added your blogsite to my Blogs I Follow to my own blog site.

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