Saturday, 11 September 2010

News: taxing issues

Romania rejects bid to tax witches
Romania's senate has voted down a proposed law to tax witches and fortune tellers and make them liable for wrong predictions and failed spells.
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Pagan bid to avoid paying taxes
In America, pagans in Palenville are requesting religious exemption status for the 2010 tax year. The Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater, has filed for tax exempt status in Greene County Court, according to a court clerk. This is its second attempt.
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James C. Wallace II said...

Having spent some time in Romania years ago, I know there is a large portion of the population that truly believes in witchcraft and magic.
I visited many a church and often times, the priests would speak of witches and such as one of their issues regarding religion.
I didn't see a problem but they sure did.
I did get the honor of seeing the body of an actual saint residing in a church. It was an amazing sight as she had been dead for over 400 years but she looked like Mother Theresa and like she had just died that day.
I was given a blessed icon when I left the church and a witch, as she claimed to be, was very upset at the sight of it when I passed her on the sidewalk just outside the church.
What a world!!