Saturday 4 December 2010

Teen witches to appear on BBC today

BBC2 is showing a lunchtime documentary about teen witches today, Saturday 4 December, at 12.25pm. The short film, called Teensville, follows AJ Odudu as she explores the growing popularity of teen witches, especially among girls.

The programme includes material shot at this year's Witchfest International, the annual pagan conference run by Children of Artemis. It also includes interviews with several people who gave talks at the event, including Inbaal, Kate West, Stephanie Parker and Tam Campbell.

For more information about Teensville, visit the BBC website at

You can read my review of this year's Witchfest at and you can book tickets for next year's Witchfest at a special early bird price via the COA website at


Antony said...

Thanks for the heads up Bad Witch! :)

I will watch on the iPlayer tomorrow!


A x

Unknown said...

Oh, I do hope they treat this seriously, instead of in a "oh look at the silly things kids do" light.

Antares said...

I watched it and thought they did a fairly good job, it was honest and respectful and I actually thought the three young ladies were lovely.

Unknown said...

hey, i kno this is an old blog but i just found it. My names kate and i was one of the girls in that film, (the one with the short red hair lol) yeah just saying hi lol x