Friday 7 January 2011

News: Romanian witchcraft controversy

Witches in Romania are divided over the recent Romanian government legislation to make witchcraft a legally-recognised profession.

Many are pleased, because of the benefits the recognition will bring to their line of work. However, others are angry because they will now have to pay income tax in the same way as other self-employed people. Some are even saying they will curse the government in retaliation.

Here are several links to posts on the Romanian witchcraft controversy, where you can read the full story:

My own feelings about this are mixed. Romanian attitudes to witchcraft - and to cursing - are evidently very different to those in the UK.

Here, all self-employed people have to pay income tax if they earn enough money and it doesn't matter what your job title is. However, for most witches in the UK, witchcraft is a religion or spiritual path rather than a job. We get together to honour the changing seasons and to do healing magic for our friends and family members, and we don't charge money for this. Most also believe it is wrong to cast curses and would not do this.

Some UK witches might have jobs that seem compatible with being a witch, such as working as a hypnotherapist or qualified medical herbalist, but it seems sensible to me to keep religion and employment issues separate.

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Ludwig Bon Quirog y Migriño said...

Wow! They do things differently in Romania... the whole idea of cursing is really disturbing. :(

Thanks for blogging about this!