Friday 7 January 2011

A question about conception

A little while ago, a reader emailed me a very good question:

"It's been a few years since I got married. Now, we are planning to have a baby. Can you suggest a few tips including reading legends, growing herbs at home, listening to specific types of a music or anything like that before conception? I also heard that there are a few astrological charts to check the best dates to try to conceive a baby. Please let me know if you know anything related to this subject?
The reason it has taken me some time to reply is that, not having any children of my own, it isn't a subject I know much about. However, I do know a couple of witches with experience in that area and I asked them if they could help.

Heather Wood, a hypnotherapist who is an expert in the Fertile Body Method and is a mother herself, said:

"I used to do a lot of magical work before I conceived; creating a circle at the appropriate time to create protective environment to allow male and female to meet, I also visualised the connection of sperm and egg a lot immediately afterward. Now, since having my baby, I use the training I got in Fertile Body Method, a course of hypnotherapy to help people to allow successful pregnancy to take place. Basically getting worries, fears and issues out of the way - whether conscious or unconscious - will then allow nature to do its best! Also, preparing the body and mind to work in harmony to create the best possible chances of it happening. On my website there's a whole section on Fertile Body Method."
Another friend, who has recently become a mum for the first time, said:

"It seemed to me that the Gods/Goddess/Powers that Be will bless you when they see fit or a soul will incarnate when it's ready, not when we think we are ready, nor can it be forced. Conceiving seems so random,variable and unpredictable! Using energies and correspondences for a fertility deity and performing a rite is useful to state your intent to the universe as well as to consider your own motivations and to attract the right energy- also to ensure you are preparing your body and mind for the event physically and mentally.

"Personally, I did state my wishes during an Imbolc rite to Brigid and then at Beltane my husband and I blessed the land with the great rite at an outdoor magical place. Nine months after this I conceived and a year from the Imbolc rite I realised I was pregnant. I would have loved the conception to have taken place at a particular planned astrological time with a full moon, outdoors, but this felt as though it was forcing a magical event. I did try to plan when the baby would be born - didn't work! It's just delightful whenever it happens as the little person is to be in our care whilst it is dependent, they have their own journey and are not our possessions as such. Whatever they bring is a magical journey for the parents."
You can visit Heather Wood's website at The picture of The Child at the Chest by Renoiris available through Amazon.

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