Thursday 10 February 2011

Past love regression

You've probably heard of past life regression - using hypnosis to recover memories of past lives - but, with Valentine's Day around the corner, you might fancy trying "past love regression", to revisit an old relationship and let go of emotional clutter.

Relationship regression therapy is a technique that allows you to mentally turn back time to learn from romantic mistakes of the past.

Regression therapist Nicolas Aujula says that for many women and men who frequently think about an ex-lover, feel stuck in old patterns or who are challenged in love, relationship regression therapy can help. He said: "Imagine being guided into a deeply relaxed state for two hours, then waking up to a more enlightened attitude about your life and past relationships. It's really that simple.”

The purpose of relationship regression therapy is to relive old relationships in a deeply relaxed state, to discover the reason for unwanted and limiting occurrences such as anger, resentment, betrayal, intimacy, mistrust or fears. Through reframing the past, it is possible to wave goodbye to emotional baggage and adopt a healthier attitude to love.

One of Nicolas Aujula's clients, Sue Ellen, said: “I had spent the past three years mulling over my ex-husband's infidelity and did my utmost to move on. However, I found it very difficult to trust. My experience of regression really brought to surface old hurts that I had been holding onto. Reliving the relationship through regression allowed me to finally forgive and move on in life - since then I have been able to date more successfully”.

Nicolas Aujula says he has seen the benefits of people using relationship regression therapy to improve relationships and believes this type of therapy can be life-enhancing and even life-changing.

Nicolas Aujula is a regression therapist and astrologer who has appeared on the Biography Channel's Our Psychic Family TV series where he read for Toyah Willcox and regressed psychic Jane Hamilton-Parker. His astrology columns have featured in Glamour, Beverly Hills Times, Hollywood Weekly, Spirit & Destiny and Chat It's Fate. You can view his website at

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