Friday 4 March 2011

Review: Nature as Mirror

If, like me, you find that a walk in the countryside or on the seashore can lift your mood when you are down; if a sunny day makes your spirit soar while a stormy night inspires your darkest imaginings, then a new book by psychologist Stephanie Sorrell could not only explain why that happens - but also help you make the most of nature as a spiritual guide.

Nature as Mirror: An Ecology of Body, Mind and Soul,addresses the natural cycles in our lives and the reflection of our own inner process in nature.

Stephanie uses the models of a tree in all its seasons as a symbol of the continuity of life and shows how we can understand the rhythms and cycles of the tree and integrate them into our vision in a conscious way.

In particular, Stephanie tackles the fear of death that many of us hold. In the cycles of the natural world, death is merely transformation. She says that once we understand this we can transform our lives by overcoming our fear of non-being and appreciate life in all its seasons.

The book includes exercises and visualisations to help us use nature as tool for healing and also inspire us to greater appreciation of nature and our place within it.

It has certainly inspired me to get out into nature more, especially now that spring is truly here, even if that simply means some walks in London's lovely parks and green spaces.

Nature as Mirror: An Ecology of Body, Mind and Soulby Stephanie Sorrell was published by O-Books at the end of last week and is available to buy through Amazon.

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