Wednesday 7 December 2011

Choosing pagan Yule cards

I'm a bit late choosing my Yule cards this year - normally I have bought cards before the start of December to send my witchy friends for the Winter Solstice.

Then, just when I was thinking I really ought to be getting on with my Yuletide shopping, I went to a moot where someone was selling cards by Hedingham Fair, a small publishing firm that produces art cards aimed at English folklore enthusiasts.

Problem solved. I bought a lovely selection of cards suitable for pagans and felt good that my money was going to a small family UK-based firm rather than a big greeting card company.

You can see a couple of the images from the cards above right and to the left, but there are plenty of other different designs also available. The ones I bought were blank inside so I could write my own message.

If you haven't bought your Yule cards yet and want to buy something with lovely artwork that doesn't say "Happy Christmas" inside, I recommend having a look at the Hedingham Fair website, at

The online shop also sells gifts including diaries, calendars, T-shirts, jewellery, chalices and mugs.

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