Thursday 1 March 2012

Easy candle wishing spell

For this spell you need just a tea-light candle, a box of matches and a sunny day.

Although you can cast the spell at any time when the sun is shining, I think it is perfect for a bright, clear morning in spring.

Here's what you do:

Stand facing a window through which sunlight is shining, or where you can see the sun in the sky. Strike the match and hold it in one hand, while holding the unlit tea-light candle in the other and look out of the window (do not stare directly at the sun, however, as that can harm your eyes).

Think clearly of what you wish for, then say:
All I ask on this bright sunny day
Is send the wish I want my way.
Light the candle with the match, then blow out the match and put the candle in a safe tea-light holder and let it burn right down.

For safety reasons, you shouldn't leave the candle unattended. Personally, I like to place it near me while I get on with my work or chores of the day, so that I can glance at it from time to time.

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Egypt said...

Thanks. I appreciate this simple and accessible candle spell. As a minimalist witch of sorts. It's nice to come across a spell that doesn't require elaborate tools. I'm enjoying reading some of your other posts too.

dominicparkhurst said...

you can count how many times you do your spells

just lettig you know

would it have the same effect

latest story.

im looking for a spell to attract more people to my street. to make it more social.

can you write one and send it to me