Friday 29 May 2009

A sea purification

The sea is a force for transformation, for change and for purification. River waters pour into the sea, evaporate into the air and fall as rain onto the earth to begin the cycle once more. Salty water is also often used by witches in purification rituals - salt and water being among the oldest cleaning products known to man.

Here is a short purification ceremony that uses those properties. It is ideal for washing away worries and is best done on an ebbing tide as you can imagine all your concerns being carried out into the ocean and far away.

At the sea shore, take off your shoes and socks and let the waves wash over your feet. Take three deep breaths - breathing in and out slowly - then say: "Great Mother Sea, please take my fears away from me."

Spend as long as you need, feeling the waves wash over your feet, as you tell the Sea Mother all your troubles and feel them flow away.

After you have finished, thank the Sea Mother and offer in return to help her by clearing litter from the beach. In particular, pick up any plastic rubbish because it is not biodegradable. Put it safely in recycling bins when you get the chance.

Many cultures throughout history have revered the sea as a mother figure, which seems appropriate, as that is where all life on Earth originated.



Anonymous said...

Love that--and I may have to give it a go when I'm at the beach myself in 2 weeks! I've already been thinking of a way to have some personal ritual with the ocean as it's always been a source of spiritual connections.

Badwitch said...

I hope you have a wonderful and spiritual time at the beach!