Sunday 1 April 2012

News: A Sick April Fool's Joke?

I saw this news article today, and I so hope it is some sick April Fool's joke: Bishop of Monmouth warns of witchcraft break-ins on church property. According to the story, the Bishop of Monmouth says that the rise in the interest in Wicca is fuelling a huge rise in black magic, leading to churches  being vandalised.

Now, this is very similar to a story I mentioned a few weeks ago, and got equally angry about. So maybe The Bish really believes this rubbish. You can read the story here and decide for yourself if it is a joke:

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Real Life Witch said...

Hello Badwitch, I have been following your excellent blog for a while now! Just felt compelled to comment on this post about the Bishop. I've read the article and I'm not sure that it is an April Fool unfortunately.

I thought the commenter called John W Morehead shared something interesting though about coming to an understanding between Christianity and Paganism.

It's an interesting site too. There is so much misinformation and prejudice still out there.

All the best!
Real Life Witch

Badwitch said...

Real Life Witch - thanks very much for that link. It looks an interesting site.