Tuesday 15 May 2012

A Book of Magic: Eclipse Magic Workbook

A friend of mine has just published a book called the Eclipse Magic Workbook - particularly well timed as there will be a solar eclipse this Sunday, May 20.

The book's author, Mani Navasothy, is a very experienced Wiccan teacher and astrologer who has been been doing magical rituals to work with the energy of both solar and lunar eclipses for some time.

He said: "The power of the esoteric eclipse forces are far stronger than anything I have ever worked with in my 15-year magical world - and has changed my life deeply!"

He added: "If you ever want to work on any aspect of yourself or your dreams, the fastest, easiest and least costly way of accelerating it in to your life is to use the model of someone who has already gone through the journey himself or herself and take out the pain, mistakes or time wasted ... so you can create the mindful manifestations you truly want to bring into your life."

Mani says he has put everything he knows about working with eclipse magic into his Eclipse Magic Workbook. It is a 71-page step-by-step instructional book packed with exercises to get you up to speed.

He said: "If you have ever thought about working with life-transforming astronomical and astrological eclipse forces, then now is the time to do it.. decide quickly so you are in time to catch the solar eclipse energies at 11.47pm (BST) on the 20th of May."

I haven't read a copy of the book yet myself, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing a copy. You can find out more about the Eclipse Magic Workbook and order copies here: http://www.eclipsemagic.co.uk/

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'd love to see a review once you get a copy. I'm not sure how something as infrequent as eclipses can be put into a workbook format, but it'd be great to see such a thing done well.