Sunday 24 March 2013

Blogging Technology - Opinions Wanted

OK, I could do with some advice on tablets - the computery kind of tablet, not the pill kind that is.

There are two reasons I'm particularly considering updating my tech to a tablet right now. First, I'm off on holiday for a short break over Easter and I'll try to blog while I'm away. In the past I've taken my netbook with me, but it is getting a bit old and I'd like a device that's even more portable and quick to use on the go than that.

Second, this weekend Amazon has special offer for a Kindle Fire. If you buy one before 6pm on Monday 25 March you get a £15 gift voucher.

In theory, blogging on the go should be much easier with a tablet than a netbook. Both the iPadand the Kindle Fireare much lighter than a netbook and boot up faster. Also, I could use them to read the books that I've already downloaded on my regular Kindle, meaning I don't have to take multiple devices away with me. Yes, I know there is a Kindle App that can be used on laptops, but that doesn't make for such a good reading experience in my opinion.

However, I'm not sure that blogging from a tablet is so good in practise. My husband has an iPad and I've downloaded the Blogger app for it - as Blogger is what I use for A Badwitch's Blog. The problem I've found is that the Blogger app for the iPad doesn't really work that well. It is OK if you just want to type some text, but it doesn't handle pictures conveniently - it just plonks the image at the bottom of the post and there's no way to move it to the top - or anywhere else on the post - that I can see.

I wondered if anyone else was using Blogger on a tablet - either an iPad, an Android device such as the Kindle Fire, or a tablet that runs Windows 8? If so, how are you finding it and would device or app would you recommend?.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, your absolutely right. Blogging should be easier, and eventually it will. =)

With a tablet, it just makes things easier than looking at a smaller screen on a smart phone or requiring to sit in front of a computer screen.

I've also seen how many high tech. people are starting to go towards the app. market. My friend created a really cool
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