Thursday 4 April 2013

Divination: The Water Dragon's Gifts from the Sea

Trash or treasure - what do you think?

Fired by enthusiasm after finding a piece of driftwood that was ideal for making into a staff while I was at the seaside over the Easter bank holiday, I went back to shore for more beachcombing. And I found all manner of things that seemed worth collecting and taking home.

As you can see, I put them into a glass bowl and they are currently decorating my table.

While I was admiring my handiwork, my husband suggested we each draw a card for the day from the Druid Oracle app that he recently downloaded onto his iPad. I got the Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon animal oracle card is all about transforming things. I'd normally say it is about looking into the depths of our own selves and turning any hurtful emotions or painful memories into positive feelings using love and compassion. This time, I think it had a far more literal meaning - about the sea transforming things humans have discarded as rubbish into items of beauty. Perhaps it is also about learning to recognise the value in things that might be seemingly worthless.

We are also currently in the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, which is sometimes called the Year of the Junior Water Dragon. It is meant to be a year when thriftiness is an important value. And making recycled art out of things found on the beach is certainly inexpensive.

Of course, what I see as treasure reclaimed from the Water Dragon's kingdom, others might still not think is lovely at all. I'm not sure my mother-in-law would want it on her table, for example. But I guess witches are meant to have a few strange ideas about home decor!