Tuesday 16 July 2013

Event: Celebrating the Birthday of Isis on 17 July

Mani Navasothy of Tamesia London Circle is organising a public ritual to celebrate the birthday of the Goddess Isis by Cleopatra’s Needle, in London, tomorrow evening.

He said: "July 17th is celebrated as the birthday of Isis (Night of the Cradle). It is when the Sky Goddess Nut gives birth to Isis. We are holding an open celebration ritual in Central London on 17th July 2013 to mark this sacred event. (Part of the Thames-Isis rituals 2013 by Tamesa London Circle."

If you want to take part, meet at Cleopatra’s Needle, on the Victoria Embankment of the Thames, at 7pm on 17 July. The obelisk (pictured right) is more than 2,000 years old and previous stood in Egypt, before being gifted to Britain in the 17th century.

The ritual will take about an hour and is free to attend. Please bring some food and drink to share afterwards, but as it is a public place please do not bring alcohol. The ritual will include an offering of flowers and milk to the Thames, so bring either if you want to contribute.

For more details, visit the Tamesa website: http://www.tamesa.info/

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