Thursday 15 August 2013

Pagan Eye: Blackberries - The City Harvest

As a city kid who grew up in London, my personal childhood experience of the harvest was picking blackberries. They grow all over the place in the urban landscape -  on overgrown roadside verges, embankments at the back of station platforms and patches of waste ground - yet these days few people seem to bother collecting this free food. Mind you, I guess that just leaves more for me, as I am still happy to take a plastic tub out to go blackberrying.

Blackberries are normally ripe around the time of Lammas, at the start of August, but this year all the fruit is late. I took this photo yesterday, when I was delighted to see a few berries are just about ready for picking. It'll be blackberry crumble this weekend - yum!

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Vivienne Moss said...

Now I know I'll be going on a black berry hunt this weekend. Thank you for these Pagan Eye posts. I love them.

Blessings, Viv

vivienne said...

oooo hello another vivienne :)
this year I've seen lots more elderberries everywhere too xx

Anonymous said...

If I pick them this year I'll make a compote or jam. Last time I picked them I didn't have a lammas baking failure but a blackberry vodka failure. It turned into a deep red sludge and seemed to upset my stomach somewhat, although it didn't taste bad and certainly had the required effect!

Badwitch said...

An HPS I know makes the most delicious blackberry vodka. I will have to see if I can get her recipe.