Monday 1 August 2011

Purple splodges - Lammas baking failure

My recent attempt at creating a magical recipe for Lammas was not a success.

Lammas, the pagan festival for the start of the harvest celebrated on August 1, this year occurs at around the time of the new moon. So, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bake some blackberry biscuits - round like the shape of the moon, but dark purple like the moonless midnight sky and made with the blackberries that have just ripened in my garden.

I couldn't find a specific recipe for blackberry biscuits, but I did find an American recipe for raspberry cookies, which I tried to adapt, converting cups to ounces for measurement and substituting squished blackberries for pureed raspberries.

Only something went wrong - and what should have been crisp, round biscuits merged into a sort of big, flat, blackberry pancake! I think I've worked out my mistake - I dolloped too much mixture on the baking sheet for each biccie, didn't space them out enough and then didn't leave them in the oven for quite enough time.

Oh well, they tasted nice even if they were more purple splodges than biscuits.

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Unknown said...

aww, Bad, they look so gorgeously fruity my mouth is watering! Why not use the 'Lammas lasts till 6th August' card and try another batch? Us Witches need our cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth.....

Badwitch said...

I might just do that :)

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Mort Amsel said...

i for got to give you my e-mail, e-mail me at, thank you, blessed be and merry lammas to you :)

The Desert Siren said...

Live and learn my sister. Blessed Lammas to you and yours.

Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well, nice color, I have to say. I celebrated with some tasty "blueberry treats"--but I didn't bake them myself (thank heaven for the local bakery!).


James C. Wallace II said...

Please don't change your recipe! Kids would love eating purple things that taste yummy!!!!

Makarios said...

Were you using all-purpose flour? If so, you might try substituting bread flour for a portion of it. The bread flour has more gluten, and so the biscuits will hold their shape more readily.

Badwitch said...

Thanks for the suggestion of using bread flour - I'll try that.