Wednesday 14 August 2013

Driving Down Memory Lane With My Old VW Campervan

Chatting to someone the other day who works for company that insures classic vehicles got me rummaging through my photo albums to find pictures of my beloved old VW campervan.

Sadly, I don't own it any more and I realise it was never quite Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine, but for a few summers it gave me and a few friends a comfy and dry place to sleep at music festivals as well as some great holidays touring around England. Even though I don't normally dress in the style of the photo above - which shows me and some friends in 1960s fancy dress for a party - I am a bit of an old hippy at heart. It just felt right to be arriving at Glastonbury Festival or Womad in a classic campervan.

I had to sell my campervan when my mother became frail and needed looking after. I swapped it for a car that was more grown up and sensible, but I still look back at those days of carefree summertime travelling and wistfully dream of maybe one day getting myself another campervan. It certainly beats sleeping in a tent at festivals.

By the way, the person who sent me off down memory lane works for Footman James, an insurer that offers classic car insurance as well as motor traders insurance. They also asked me to pop in a link to them if I posted anything suitable on my blog. On the subject of insurance I would say that if you buy an old VW campervan it really is worthwhile getting proper classic vehicle cover as they do need a lot of TLC and sourcing spare parts can be difficult. I once got a smashed windscreen while driving down the motorway and was really pleased that my insurance covered the damage and sourced a replacement screen - as those large, curved bits of glass are hard to get hold of and not cheap.

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Erin McGrath said...

Love your Magic Bus. Brings back fond memories of Barbary O'Riley and the 70s! It was very selfless of you to sell it. Tx for visiting my blog.