Tuesday 31 December 2013

News: Viking Witch's Wand To Go On Display

An ancient metal rod that experts at the British Museum thought was used for landing fish or as a roasting spit has been newly identified as a Viking "magic wand". You can read the full story on The Australian news site, entitled "'Sorceress' wielded Viking-era wand"

The Times is also running a story about it, "Wand of a Viking witch has experts spellbound", but this can only be read in full if you subscribe to the news service.


Anonymous said...

Nice wand, but unfortunately you have to subscribe to those pages to see the full articles. Maybe i can find them somewhere else. thanks.

Badwitch said...

Here is a link to a full story about it in the Daily Mail, which you don't have to subscribe to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2531575/The-Viking-witchs-magic-wand-Relic-ninth-century-grave-disabled-terrified-villagers-feared-sorceress-owner-rise-dead.html

I managed to read the Australian story too, although it invited me to subscribe, when I closed the subscription invite down I got the full story to read without actually having to subscribe to the paper. It think it was more a pop-up advert than something actually stopping you reading stories completely.