Wednesday 5 February 2014

Pagan Eye: Purple Light at the Devil's Ring and Finger

Another intriguing photo from Pat of Plant yr Yd Coven - this time a strange purple shaft of light at The Devil's Ring and Finger, near Market Drayton, in Shropshire. The suggestively named Neolithic monument is thought to have once been part of a burial chamber.

Pat said the holed stone and tall rock - in secluded countryside and often hidden from view by the surrounding vegetation - is an "amazing place".

About the photo, he said: "We have been fortunate enough to capture the violet `earth energies` around the time leading to Samhain and past the date."

"It is rare to be able to capture these," he added.

Previous fascinating photos sent to me by Pat include a shaft of light in Bryn Celli Ddu, the Green Witch Festival in Cornwall, and a burning Wicker man

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The photo is copyright Pat and Plant yr Yd Coven.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, just sent those links to blogger friends in east and west UK, not sure if they follow u there. that second site The Modern Antiquarian looks of interest to surf through, so thanks.

Unknown said...

There is lots of quartz around there with a purple tint